Welcome to My Story!

“I’m Kenny,” said the author. “But you can call me Ynnek.”
And just like that, Ynnek had a blog.

Hi Friends!

Every story must have a good introduction to get the audience’s attention. Whether that be an evil Empire’s attack on a desperate Rebel ship like in Star Wars, or a legendary dream sequence like the one seen in Dreamwork’s Kung Fu Panda, good stories need good introductions. If you don’t have a good introduction, then it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your story is; you’ll already have lost your readers.

With that in mind, I desperately hope that was a good introduction!

Welcome to Storybunk’s first official blog post. My goal today is twofold: to say hi and to tell you why I am here.

Who Am I and Why am I Here?

My name is Kenny Bechtel, but I’ve always been rather fond of the name Ynnek. I’m currently a student at Lancaster Bible College studying to go into Pastoral Ministry someday. I am very excited about that part of my life, so don’t be surprised if some of the cool things I learn or experiences I have end up on this blog. But that’s not my purpose for this blog. I believe all humans were created in the image of God. Which means each one of us has an amazing ability to reflect God’s creativity with the things we make. Over the past few years I’ve really began to recognize how amazing storytelling can be. It shouldn’t be surprising why God used narrative as his primary way to communicate to us in the Bible. People connect to stories!

But I am no C.S. Lewis. If you’ve either read or watched any of The Chronicles of Narnia then you know that C.S. Lewis loved to litter his writings with allegories. But I’m different, I just want to tell good stories. No story can ever compare to the Redemptive Narrative seen throughout the Scripture. Nevertheless, I do believe every story somehow, even unknowingly, hints at the Divine. Who doesn’t long for redemption? Who doesn’t want hope? Who doesn’t realize the horrible state our world is often in? Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can give us true hope, but stories can reflect it.

You may have guessed by now that I am a Christian. That is what I am first, before I am ever a writer or a preacher, I will always be a part of God’s family. And as a Christian I believe it is important to glorify God in whatever work you undertake. That includes writing. Therefore, I will strive to make stories that anyone with an imagination can enjoy!

Here’s the Plan.

So why did I make this blog? Well, this blog has two purposes. The first purpose is to tell you about the stories I am working on! I want to give you guys some hints and snippets of my upcoming projects. And then when I release them, I want to tell you how you can read them! Self-Publishing is a new and exciting experience for me and I am thrilled to be able to show what I am working on! The second purpose of this blog is to talk about anything story related, whether it be an example of good storytelling that I saw in a movie, my growing experience as a writer, a poem I wrote, something cool from the Bible, or anything else that I feel is worth sharing. I like variety, it keeps things fresh.

That’s what Storybunk is really about. Creating fresh stories that people can enjoy. I’ve dubbed the tagline “MY Stories, OUR Entertainment,” because while these are my stories, think I you might enjoy them too!

So, here’s to good storytelling!