JESUS THROUGH THE EYES OF… (Worship Through The Arts 2019)

I enjoy writing poetry. In fact, one of the projects I am currently working on is a compilation of some of my best and favorite works. Until I release that though, don’t be surprised if you see a few of my poems released on this blog.

I wrote this poem for an event at my Church called “Worship through the Arts.” Each piece of art had to display the life of Jesus in some way shape or form. This poem seeks to look at Jesus’ life in a few different ways. I named this piece “Jesus Through the Eyes of…” for a reason. Many people today still wonder who Jesus was, but did you know that the people who met the real and historical Jesus must have wondered the same thing? Who is Jesus and why does he matter? What do people say about him? What does God say about him? These are questions worth pondering.



By Ynnek B

Who does this man think he is
To speak against our laws,
To call us vipers, hypocrites
On whom God’s wrath will fall?
Does he not know who we are?
We’re teachers of God’s Law!
He only says, “listen to them”
“But be not like them at all!”
Maybe he has a demon,
Maybe he’s Satan’s spawn?
Yet still he keeps proclaiming
That he will fulfil the Law.
He claims to come from God above
And Blasphemes God’s pure name,
And says we will not see God
If we don’t believe HIS name!
The Poor
Who ever thought a man like this
Would talk to sinners so,
He reaches out to the unclean
And makes their bodies whole.
The Pharisees say he’s a fraud
And say that he’s possessed,
But how can demons raise the dead
And give the weary rest?
I do not know who he may be
But this one thing I know,
He welcomes the low and despised
So to him we will go.
To see the captive’s bonds released
As sick men’s lives are healed,
God’s kingdom has been brought to earth
He wipes away our tears!
The Disciples
We know that he’s much more than this,
We know he’s more than man.
He claims to come from God above
And forgives sinful man.
He teaches us, but there’s much more
That we think he has planned
For we know he’s the Christ of God
Who’s come to save this land!
Yet where’s his army, where’s his sword?
The Romans are still here.
He says to love your neighbor
And tells us “do not fear.”
Be we just can’t shake this feeling
That he’s got more in store,
He speaks of crucifixion
And says his death is sure.
The Romans
Why did they bring this man to us?
What danger could he be?
They say to put him on a cross
Because of blasphemy.
They say he’s against Cesar
They say that he’s a king
Though he led no rebellion
What trouble could he bring?
He claims to give life to all man,
He claims to save the world,
But now that he’s upon a cross
His failure is assured.
People laugh as they walk by,
As their king was lifted high
And so the innocent man died
With a God forsaken cry.
The Demons
We tried to tempt him in the flesh
But he would not give in,
We knew that he would never sin
So we would just kill him.
The time to strike the heel had come,
To destroy Adam’s Seed,
We laughed with hate cursing God
As we did the deed.
Our prince knew that the end would come.
Our plans would soon unfurl,
For still God ruled over all things
And planned to save the world.
But we don’t care, well spread more lies
For that is what we do,
Even though our plan may fail
After a day or two
-Or three.
The Father
But I sent him with purpose
To die a sinner’s death,
So that those who would trust in him
Might have eternal rest.
He did what no other man could
And fulfilled all my laws,
He was the perfect sacrifice
To reverse Adam’s fall.
I sent him to reveal myself
And show that God loved man,
And show that there’s forgiveness
In the Son of Man.
My Christ came from the promised seed
And in faithfulness he bore,
All the filthy sins of man
So they bear them no more
And I shall glorify my Son
And raise him from the dead,
And give him all authority
For for the world he bled.
And at his name all knees will bow
And give eternal praise,
For through him and through him alone
My people will be saved!
The Church
And now we do not stand condemned
But can approach our God
For he’s given us righteousness
And in light now we trod.
Nothing could ever separate
Us from his mercy great,
We know we could not earn this gift
That why we call it grace.
And so we sing with outstretched hands
And glorify his name,
For he has given us new life;
His people whom he saved!
We are The Church, we are his Bride,
He is our Friend and by our side.
But best of all he is our God,
To Jesus be all praise!