Short Story Preview!

Typically you reveal a title before you reveal the contents of your story, but I figured I’d mix things up. Today I would like to give you guys a small preview of a short story I plan on publishing. The how and when of publishing are still up in the air, but I am certain I’ve got a story that is sure to excite! I know at least I am excited about it!

Here’s a short snippet!

The two woke up in a dark cavern; the walls twisted with slime and gook. It felt like blood was rushing towards their head, no, not blood… mud. Andrew wiggled around; both he and his sister were suspended upside down in cocoon-like bags with mud slowly creeping towards their faces. Andy tried to wiggle, but his attempt at escape failed. Shel woke up as well, to the same fearful fright her brother saw.

                They were tall, slender creatures pacing back and forth, moaning and groaning, their feet lifting from the floor as they walked, making a slurping sound with every step. Wherever they went, a trail of mud followed (not that the kids could tell though, since the whole cavern was one mud-infested tunnel). Their fingers were long and droopy, as were their arms which reached down to their knees and seemed almost to hang limp as they walked. Their bodies were very similar, some smaller, some larger, some you could tell were either men or women, but others were harder to figure. All of them were covered in mud. But it was their faces that were perhaps the most horrifying. It seemed as if they had no face, save for the eyes which were eerie, small, mud tunnels that led to small, almost human-like, eyes that seemed to be glazed over.

                Shelby let out a scream! One of the mud people turned its face towards her in an almost inhuman gesture and walked over to put its face near hers as if it were inspecting their recent catch. He lifted a finger to touch her nose and then moved it to the part of his own face where the mouth should have been. Putting one finger up, he tried to shush her. She let out another cry for help. The creature apathetically turned around and walked off.

                “We’re gonna die,” Andrew said as the seemingly living mud drew towards his face.

                “Let us go!” Shelby screamed in defiance. The mud people didn’t listen; they just kept walking with their arms flopping at their sides. Zombie-like, cold, and mindless.

Stay tuned for a title announcement!