A Quick Update on Mud & Daisies

It’s been some time since I’ve given an update on my latest project ‘Mud & Daisies.’ If you’ve forgotten what that book is about then feel free to check out it’s description here!

Today’s goal is simply to update you on my progress:

To put it simply… I am done! Recently I’ve uploaded the document into Amazon’s Self-Publishing service called KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) which I found to be the easiest and most understandable print on demand service to use. I also ordered a proof copy, read through it, and made the necessary changes to the book.

But what I am most excited to announce is the book cover for Mud & Daisies! No book is truely complete with out a cool cover and I think Mud & Daisies has one of the coolest! If you’ve been following my Facebook page then you may have seen it already, but if not… I think you’ll find it very appealing!

Mud & Daisies Cover Art!

The Cover Art has been done Rebecca Preble! If you want to see more of her art, check out her Facebook page!

And as always, stay tuned here for more information regarding Mud & Daisies and the other stories I write! Blessings!