Five Observations from Frozen 2

Recently I watched Frozen 2 with a large group of friends (which was amazing) and I really wanted to write a post about it. Instead of doing a full review, this time I figured I’d save myself (and in turn, you) some time and write five short observations that I had while watching the movie. I’ve never exactly done this before, so I guess you could say I’m taking a step “into the unknown.”

Be Warned! Heavy Spoilers Below!

1. The Songs Are Just As Good As Those In The Original Frozen

The original Frozen movie had many instant classics such as “Let it Go,” but does the new movie reach the same heights when it comes to the songs? I think it definitely does.

My personal favorite song is ‘All is Found’ which is a lullaby that pretty much sets up and explains the whole movie much like ‘Frozen Heart’ did in the original. Another musical highlight from Frozen 2 is ‘Lost in the Woods’ which is totally an 80s love Ballad (which makes it all the better) and is sung by a heart broken Kristoff, who despite being underused was one of the movie’s highlights. But, the most recognizable song, and probably the instant classic of the bunch is “Into The Unknown,” sung by Idina Menzel’s (the voice actress who plays Elsa) which is a musically moving piece, and, I can confirm, is already being sung by children everywhere!

2. Elsa Totally Pulled a Gandalf

That’s right, Elsa just pulled a Gandalf. She jumped into a hole and was presumed dead, only to return in a sparkling white outfit. Her sacrificed revealed an important piece of information to Anna who was able to use it to reverse the curse of the woods by destroying the dam her grandfather created and reunite Arendelle and the Northuldra. Of course, the curse breaks and Elsa returns, riding on a horse to save the day. This death and resurrection motif, as well as Elsa’s new supposed role as a guide has some serious Gandalf vibes and gave the movie some awesome cinematic moments!

3. Olaf Just Went Through A Serious Existential Crisis

Yea, that’s right. Our loveable little snowman just had some serious questions about his own existence and the permanency of life. A few moments in the film features Olaf confesseing to Anna his fears that everyone would grow apart and of change, Anna comforts him by telling Olaf that they will always be together. Nevertheless, throughout the film we see all of the characters splitting up and going their separate ways. The climax of his arc, which also happens to be one of the saddest scenes in the movie, happens to be when Olaf realizes that love is the one permanent thing they have, and tells Anna that she will have to destroy the dam on her own. This of course, if you have seen the movie, happens at the same time Olaf realizes his own mortality and flurries away. It’s amazing how a snowman can teach us of the brevity of life, and its really deep message for a kids movie and it’s a charming arc that I absolutely love.

4. The Message Was Hard to Decipher At First

To be honest, at first I had a hard time understanding the message of the movie. For a while I thought it was change and transformation which goes along very well with the Olaf’s arc I just mentioned. But upon thinking some more, I think the theme is this: When all hope seems lost, do the next right thing. Near the end of the movie Anna finds herself alone and sings one of the films most beautiful songs, simply titled ‘Do the Next Right Thing.’ Immediately after she looks towards the dam built by her malicious grandfather deciding to destroy it and right his wrong. As the rock creature Pabbie, says to Anna and Elsa at the beginning of the movie “When one can see no future, all one can do is the next right thing.” I hope you see a theme here! Do the next right thing! I think that’s a very good message not just for kids, but for all of us to remember.

5. Frozen Lore Is Far Deeper Than Anyone Ever Thought

Lastly, who knew the lore of Frozen could go so deep? I doubt Disney had any idea of the reception the original Frozen movie would have before the first movie premiered. Now, in this sequel, they added so much more to this fictional world including a source for Elsa’s powers. Also, who knew Elsa’s mom was from a magic forest? Who knew their grandfather was a murder? And who knew a little fire lizard could be so adorable yet so inconsequential to the plot!

Oh, and I can’t be the only one who felt like Elsa was giving massive Avatar: The Last Airbender vibes, can I? Not only is she Gandalf, but she’s the Avatar now too!

I hope you enjoyed these 5 observations! Feel free to leave a comment on your favorite moment from the film!Frozen 2 is out now on both Blu-Ray and Digital at an online or local retailer near you!