CLONE WARS BREAKDOWN! – A Three Part Series Where I Freak Out Over A Kids’ TV Show.

You might have heard: Star Wars The Clone Wars is back!

Thats right! The greatest animated show ever, has returned to TV (err, Disney+).

Words cannot express how important this series is to me. When I was nearing the end of elementry school, I heard of this new series called “The Clone Wars.” I wasn’t a Star Wars fan at that time but I loved cartoons. Never did I know that this little show would help transform my love for both Star Wars as well as storytelling.

This short blog post is a prelude to a three part series I plan on writing. Part one is already written and should be released later this week. I am very excited that the Clone Wars is back, and have been thoughly enjoying the final season. I hope to share a bit of that enjoyment with you! But perhaps I should explain why I, and so many other Star Wars fans, love The Clone Wars.

The Clone Wars means so much to me because it introduced me to Star Wars and is still to this day my favorite piece of Star Wars storytelling. Some of it’s episode are up to the level of film quality and it has created fan favorite characters such as Captain Rex, and my personal favorite, Ahsoka Tano! It also goes pretty deep into morality, politics and lore for a kid’s TV show which makes it all the better. I used to go to after each episode to watch their behind the scenes reel and flip though pages of concept art. Over the years, the show kept getting better and better and more stories were on the way, truly it was a good time to be a Clone Wars fan.

Then came 2013, Disney bought Star Wars and kept it’s focus on the upcoming sequel trilogy, as well as Original Trilogy nostalgia. The Prequels were seen as icky and unwanted by some, and unfortunatly The Clone Wars was lumped in with them (also, The Clone Wars was pretty expensive and George Lucas’ pet project). But we, the fans, would not be silent. We sent emails, created fan pages, and websites saying “SAVE THE CLONE WARS!”, I even sent Lucasfilm a letter! They sent me one back and I still have it!

And so, The Clone wars was left unfinsihed. Many of the Charachters lived on in Disney’s new series called “Star Wars Rebels” (a great series on all accounts), but still the fans clamored to see the conclusion of their beloved series. Eventually, we began to lose hope, that was until 2018, when at the San Diego Comic Con, The Clone Wars was announced to have one final season on Disney’s new streaming service, “Disney+” featuring a gigantice nod to the fans, and a poster saying “#CLONE WARS SAVED.”

And so, here I am, watching new episodes of The Clone Wars. Do I wish I had the extra two seasons originally planned before Disney cancelled it? Sure. But I am glad that the story is coming to a conclusion. And who know, maybe if it does good, creators of the show (such as Dave Filoni) will return to direct a few ‘bonus’ arcs in the future. That part probably is a dream. I am just happy that the show is finally being finished and that I’ll finally see “The Siege of Mandalore! What is that? Oh you just wait!!! I have been waiting for that Arc for YEARS!!!

So yea, I love the Clone Wars, and I want to review each episode arc. There will be spoilers, since it is a big picture breakdown type of review, so I hope you’ll join me in watching the final season of The Clone Wars. See you soon!

Also, I just realized that I am writing this article on April 1st. But be assured, this is no joke!