Coming This Week: Poems For The Redeemed Heart

This week I plan on releasing a book that is very close to my heart. I believe that you will enjoy it too.

On Saturday I plan on finally releasing my poetry book, Poems for the Redeemed Heart. If you know me personally (which a number of you do) then you’ve likely heard about this book. But if you’ve just been reading my blog, there still is a chance you haven’t fully heard of this, although you may have seen a hint from time to time.

The book is called ‘Poems for the Redeemed Heart.’ Here is a picture of the cover!

K. A. Bechtel’s new book, “Poems for the Redeemed Heart.”

Contained within this book is 60 poems meant to stir your heart towards encouragement and genuine worship through poetry that seeks to creatively exalt Christ and edify the soul!

I do hope you guys enjoy this book! And I hope that you find it uplifting in these dark days. Stay tuned for it to drop! It will be available on Amazon upon release!

And yes, I’m using the name K.A. Bechtel in my writings now. Sounds more professional, right?