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Special Preview: The Knight of Iaddash

Howdy! It’s been awhile hasn’t it? While I’ve not been blogging I’ve been hard at work on an exciting new series that I am currently in the process of editing. It will likely be some time before this story is ready to be released but I wanted to share a special preview with you all.

The series is called “The Knight of Iaddash” and it revolves around a young man named Kahsa who is called by a God to kill his old master Agar. The only problem is… Agar cannot die. The series is a two part saga with room for expansion that explores themes such as friendship, spirituality, and the quest for both freedom and strength.

If this has peaked your interest, here’s a chapter from the first book I’ve been working on. Enjoy!

Introducing My First Book: Mud & Daisies!

If you’ve been following my blog then you may know that I have a little project that I’ve been working on and am very excited about. The idea for this story was first conceptualized around two years ago, I don’t know how exactly it came about but I when I sat down to write it I was in part inspired by the creepiness of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things as well at Spielberg’s lovable little alien E.T. But this little book is neither of those, rather it’s something fantastical, it’s a modern day fairytale with just as much heart.

What is this book? Well, without any further adieu, I would like to introduce you to my first book, a short story called MUD & DAISIES!

Here is a brief description:

“The two woke up in a dark cavern; the walls twisted with slime and gook. It felt like blood was rushing towards their head, no, not blood… mud.”

Mud & Daisies is a simple fairytale with a lot of heart. The eerie mud creatures have struck again, this time stealing away two children, Andrew and Shelby, with plans to transform them into mindless icky living mud. But when all hope is lost, ‘The Mud Lady’ appears! Who is this unforeseen friend? Will Andrew and Shelby be safe in her gooey hands?

I’m very excited for you all to come on this adventure with me! If you want a bigger preview to this story, I posted an excerpt a few months back. You can find that preview here!

Logo Time!

This is going to be a super short blog post! But, I am excited to announce that the Story Bunk now has a new logo! Feel free to check it out below (or above since it should now appear at the top of every page)! Special thanks goes to my friend Kayla for getting this put together!

I’m excited this summer to be able to work on some stories I’ve really been itching to tell. One story in particular, I am super excited about. You won’t hear about that one any time soon though but I’ve been able to make some good progress on it already! Just a little update on what I am doing.

Also, I’ve got one finished story that I’m hoping to publish by the end of the summer! If you read my previous blog post you can get a quick preview of it… expect a title announcement very soon!

Short Story Preview!

Typically you reveal a title before you reveal the contents of your story, but I figured I’d mix things up. Today I would like to give you guys a small preview of a short story I plan on publishing. The how and when of publishing are still up in the air, but I am certain I’ve got a story that is sure to excite! I know at least I am excited about it!

Here’s a short snippet!

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